The Brussels Diplomatic Academy’s House of Diplomacy (HoD) was born of necessity. It was born to meet the needs expressed by Brussels-based members of the Diplomatic Corps and the business community for a neutral space in which to meet, engage on issues of mutual interest, participate in business and diplomatic events, socialise and expand knowledge networks, and build new relationships across different communities.

The HoD became a reality thanks to the vision and energy of HoD President Gunter Gaublomme, Vice-President Amaury Groenen, Ambassador Piet Steel and Business Development Officer Philippe Billiet.

The BDA HoD is membership driven and inclusive. Different types of membership ensure accessibility, utility and value to the widest possible group of stakeholders. These include diplomats, business people, students and academics, government representatives, members of parliament, media groups, Think Tanks, Foundations, NGOs and other interested parties.

The HoD organises activities such as

  • Diplomatic & Business Round Tables
  • Distinguished Speaker Luncheon Series
  • After-work networking gatherings and social events
  • Short skills enhancing courses

The HoD has created a unique programme and calendar of events   BDA encompasses a wide range of geographic and thematic areas of expertise. These promote in depth, historical, cultural and contemporary examination and understanding of many of the world’s most vital geographic areas and relationships including those related to Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific Regions, and the Trans-Atlantic relationship (USA and Europe). These geographic areas are complemented by a number of cross cutting diplomatic thematic areas including those related to culture, technology & innovation, the energy and the environment, defence, security and aerospace, financial and geo-analytics combined with expertise in international relations and international organizations.

The House of Diplomacy offers a unique programme and calendar of events and the BDA’s various geographic and thematic platforms provide additional value and support to these initiatives and programmes.

For information regarding membership details & planned events please contact Ms Delia Barbu at