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Whether you are starting out on your career in economic diplomacy or international business, seeking to enhance your existing knowledge and skills, or looking for events where you can connect with potential partners, the Brussels Diplomatic Academy has what you need.

Our alumni have described our programmes as follows: ‘…sophisticated programme’ … ‘outstanding teaching’ ‘…a unique value proposition in comparison to other universities’ … ‘high calibre, experienced lecturers combined with the small group teaching method’… ‘a valuable choice for a solid future in Diplomacy and International Trade’…’I can only highly recommend this programme’.

Launched in 2013, the BDA provides a range of services to diplomats and business people and those aspiring to become them. With our education and training programmes, our webinars, lectures, conferences and executive trainings, the BDA equips entrepreneurs and their counterparts in the civil service with the necessary skills, knowledge and connections to excel in their fields.

We are proud to be an integral part of the VUB that is nonetheless connected to the real worlds of economic diplomacy and international business. We know we have the expertise and opportunities to help expand your diplomatic and international business horizons. You just need to let us!

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A woman standing at a lectern giving a presentation, with people sitting to the left of her, behind tables, listening. Behind her is a slide of her presentation saying 'Towards Accelerated Land Release Through Animal Detection Systems'

Demining – it’s not all rats and drones

If you think that the environmental impact of landmines, unexploded ordinance and improvised explosive devices only comes from the weapons themselves, think again. In fact, think again about mine action in general, so much has changed, so much has stayed the same, and now some actors are finally looking at the overall picture of mines, …

BDA Demining conference – 4th of July

Confronting the Landmine Challenge: Environmental Implications and Policy Responses Confronting the landmine challenge, and its devastating impacts on human lives and the environment, requires an approach that addresses not only the immediate humanitarian concerns but also the long-term environmental implications. From rats to drones, mine action technology has developed greatly in recent years, and more …

Applications Open for BDA Programmes!

Apply now for the September Intake! The Brussels Diplomatic Academy Postgraduate Certificate Programmes in Economic Diplomacy, International Trade and Investment, and Economic Diplomacy and International Business, prepare graduates for the labour market and further professional growth by providing unique comprehensive curricula taught by practitioners to university standard. The programme flexibility allows students to follow the …

Europe in the World

Join the BDA for the second conversation in the three-part series examining this era of crises. On the 6th of June, Sir Michael Leigh and Ambassador Dr. Len Ishmael will be discussing EUROPE IN THE WORLD, Balancing Values, Geopolitics and Geoeconomics in a Fragmenting World, WHAT ROLE FOR EUROPE?   This event will explore how …

Watch the BDA Conversation on the Russia – Ukraine War

The first conversation in a new BDA three-part series examining the war in Ukraine and its implications for the took place on April 30th at the Press Club in Brussels. Considering the question: The Russia – Ukraine War: Prisms of Conflict in a Fragmenting World, How Does This End? Dr. Vladimir Zherebov Head of the …

2 women and 3 men sitting on chairs on a podium, 4 of them watching the 5th who is speaking. The group are facing a room full of people. Behind them is a screen with a picture of an outstretched hand and the words Launch of the BDA House of Diplomacy, as well as Welcome to the Brussels Diplomatic Academy, Where Diplomacy and Business Meet

International Audience Warmly Welcomes Launch of the VUB’s Brussels Diplomatic Academy’s House of Diplomacy

11 December 2023 The Brussels Diplomatic Academy (BDA) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) today launched its House of Diplomacy at a stylish event held at De Warande, near the Royal Palace in Brussels. The launch, held 10 years to the day of the launch of the BDA itself, was attended by members of the …