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The BDA provides education and training for those embarking on their path to a career in diplomacy or international business, as well as those already on their professional journey wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills.

We consider it essential that our education and training prepare people for the labour market, or improve their existing career opportunities, by teaching subjects that matter in the workplace. This does not mean a reduction in academic quality, nor a rejection of research, it means providing content and delivery that ensure people can immediately make use of what they have learnt, and can understand the relevance of academic subjects to their jobs.

By providing our postgraduate courses in the evenings and on weekends, we make sure that they are accessible to those working full-time. And by consulting regularly with bodies such as the Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs, and various chambers of commerce, we ensure that our courses are relevant and up-to date.

The range and variety of courses and formats on offer guarantee that whatever your education and training needs, they can be met by the BDA.