Course Clusters

The BDA understands the needs of professionals wishing to expand their knowledge and improve their career prospects without following a full-time programme. Sometimes it only takes a few courses to fill the gaps in your knowledge. Our course clusters are ideally suited to meeting that need.

Details of each cluster can be found below. For information on how to register for a course cluster contact us at

Tailor-made for individuals and organisations

Sometimes you just want to follow one course. You don’t need more, or you don’t want more, but you need a course and an institution that can provide that. Other times you need something specific for you and your institution. Look no further than the BDA.

We want people to continuously learn, develop their expertise, and extend their knowledge and we have the courses and flexibility to make that possible.

So, if a single course is what you are after, choose one from the list of courses available in our Postgraduate Programmes. If, on the other hand, you want a package tailor-made to the needs of you or your organisation, just get in touch at  and we’ll devise what you need.