New BDA students start classes and alumni group launched

Full-time and part-time students started at the BDA on the 2nd of September, embarking on programmes in economic diplomacy and international business. Upon completion of their courses, BDA graduates will be well prepared for entry into the labour market, or for improved career progression.

With courses ranging from Techniques in Foreign Trade, to International Lobbying, International Trade Law to Skills Workshops in public speaking, BDA students receive an education specifically designed to ensure successful careers in the public and private sectors. Classes during weekday evenings and on Saturday mornings mean those working full-time can also follow BDA programmes, either part-time or by choosing just one or two modules of interest.

The week after starting at the BDA, the new students were invited to attend the first social event of the newly created BDA alumni network. BDA alumni have been recruited by various employers including multinationals in Belgium and abroad, NGOs, PhD research programmes, embassies and membership organisations. They have variously described BDA programmes as ‘…sophisticated’ with ‘outstanding teaching’ and ‘…a unique value proposition’.

Bringing the alumni and new students together this early in the academic year has helped this year’s intake understand what to expect and how to manage what is an intense, but very worthwhile programme. Since their first meeting, the connections and networking have already led to help with settling in Brussels and extension of residence permits, a process which no amount of advance information gathering can ever truly prepare someone for.

In this 50th anniversary year of the VUB, the BDA students can now look forward to a full and rewarding year of learning and festivities, and a sound future in economic diplomacy or international business.