Michele Coninsx and Kris Peeters to address BDA Conference

The BDA is holding its annual Economic Diplomacy Conference at De Warande, on the 6th of December,  and this year’s event considers the issue of threats to economic security.

We owe our continued prosperity to the daily efforts of thousands of enterprises, who are supported in their endeavours by governments and myriad other organisations. However, this prosperity is not a given, it was hard won and faces ongoing challenges including industrial espionage, cyber attacks, hostile takeovers, as well as threats to our access to raw materials and trade routes. It is to face these challenges that this year’s BDA Conference will consider Safeguarding our Economic Security.

With a keynote by Michèle Barones Coninsx, Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director, United Nations Security Council, Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate, followed by panel discussions and Q&As with experts in Industrial Espionage, Cyber Security, The Regulatory Framework and Non-Financial Risk Protection, and a Closing Speech by Kris Peeters, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Employment, Economy and Consumer Affairs, this conference provides the ideal opportunity to consider these threats to our prosperity, and to start providing solutions.

The full programme is available here.

Participation is free, but registration is required, at delia.barbu@vub.be, please indicate which panels you wish to attend when registering. Registration is only complete upon receipt of confirmation.