Effects on Global Trade and the Global South

The Future of Trade in a Fragmenting World

 A Conversation with Mr. Junior Lodge and Ambassador Dr. Len Ishmael

Venue:  The Press Club, Froissartstraat 95, 1000 Brussels

Date: Tuesday July 9th ,16:00-18:30

Speaker: Mr. Junior Lodge Assistant Secretary General Structural Economic Transformation and Trade Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States

Host: Ambassador Dr. Len Ishmael Head Expert Groups & Global Affairs BDA

This event is the third in a three-part series examining this era of crises – a global pandemic and wars in Europe and the Middle East against the backdrop of a climate crisis – the ensuing geopolitical tensions which are deepening divides between the West and the rest of the world and its effects on global trade. The Western-led liberal world order which has presided over decades of stability, is being challenged. Free trade, open markets, global supply chains are being disrupted and the continued benefits of globalization are uncertain, as geopolitics and geo-economics collide.

The third session in our series will examine the implications of this period of Great Power Rivalry on globalization and trade and what this means for countries of the Global South for whom trade is an important tool of development. Is friend-shoring bringing any benefits to countries of the Global South? As strategic considerations replace those of comparative advantage and low cost – what are the implications for countries and companies of the north and south? What are the effects of the EU New Green Deal and tariffs on Chinese made EVs, solar panels and high tech – and the US’s IRA, tariffs and other approaches such as “high fence small yard” on meeting climate change targets and production costs? What are the effects of price on consumers? What are Global South countries doing to secure their interests?

Join us in what promises to be a lively discussion on these and other issues related to the future of trade and what this might mean.


Please confirm attendance to: by Monday July 8th, 4PM CET. Brussels

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