Competitive/Market Intelligence Training

The Brussels Diplomatic Academy is offering a two-day training programme in Competitive/Market Intelligence, designed for decision makers and those who report to decision makers.

This in person training, delivered by Franck Mathot of Altervista, provides an overview of the concepts and best practices in Competitive/Market Intelligence (CI/MI) as applied in large corporations globally. It provides participants with the skillset necessary to turn information into intelligence, the ability to set up ethical CI/MI processes within your organization and establish effective information networks while understanding the true nature of intelligence.

It conveys the fundamentals needed to efficiently conduct research, master information overload, use analytical tools intelligently, implement Competitive/Market Intelligence as a process in your business to ensure greater certainty in your strategic decisions.

Special emphasis will be placed on putting KITs (Key Intelligence Topics) to work, articulating an organized collection plan, and recognizing how secondary and primary collection fits into the six-step intelligence cycle. (Planning – collecting – processing – analyzing – reporting & controlling)

Participants will quickly and effectively sharpen their ability to apply actionable decision-making techniques and report key insights to decision makers in a timely manner.

When: 15-16 June 2022, 8.30-17.00

Where: U-Residence Green Room, VUB Humanities and Engineering campus, Brussels

Price: 1400 Euros

Registration online here.

Further information and registration: