Confronting the Landmine Challenge

Environmental Implications and Policy Responses

Confronting the landmine challenge, and its devastating impacts on human lives and the environment, requires an approach that addresses not only the immediate humanitarian concerns but also the long-term environmental implications.

From rats to drones, mine action technology has developed greatly in recent years, and more consideration is being given to demining and the environment.

This BDA conference will hear from those from mine-affected countries, experts in mine action and donors, and will offer participants the opportunity to consider the issue of demining in its broader humanitarian and environmental context. Case studies will be shared, highlighting experiences and lessons learned, and we will explore innovative approaches to mine clearance and environmental remediation, showcasing technological innovations and partnerships for effective landmine clearance and environmental rehabilitation.

Where: Promotiezaal, D2.01, VUB Etterbeek Campus, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Elsene

When: 9.00-14.00, 4th of July


Participation in the conference is free of charge but registration is required by sending an email to by 3rd of July, 14.00 at the latest.
Registration is only complete once you have received written confirmation of it.