17 -19 April Energy Transtion Diplomacy Course

Don’t be powerless in the face of unprecedented energy crises – follow the BDA course in Energy Transition Diplomacy

The shifting global energy landscape is sending tremors through the markets. Energy security has been compromised. We are not on track to address the Climate Emergency. Neither the Paris Agreement nor SDGs 7 (affordable and clean energy) and 13 (climate action) are close to being achieved. Meanwhile energy sanctions adopted by the G7 against Russia are testing the limits of existing instruments.

Ongoing energy transition is complex, and its impact is far reaching. Mutually beneficial interdependence hasn’t survived the current geopolitical clashes.

Informed approaches are needed.

  • Who are the real winners and losers after more than a year of conflict in the global energy area?
  • Will the energy crises speed up energy transition or slow it down?
  • How long can Russia withstand the economic pressure of sanctions?
  • Do we have an appropriate tool-box to address those challenges in the international arena?

To help confront these issues the BDA is offering a 12-hour course covering the actors and instruments of energy transition, the industries and technologies involved, and the diplomatic approaches far beyond the European Union. The fields of energy security, energy diplomacy, climate diplomacy and energy transition diplomacy will be examined.

Participants will be immersed in a negotiation game, tasked with drafting the Energy Strategy 2050 of a fictitious state. Through a stakeholder consultation process they will defend various interests in a setting which closely reflects the real-world situation. They will gain an understanding of the tough choices and uncertainties of energy transition and its impact on industries and societies.

Silo thinking and single-issue approaches will not produce sustainable energy transition. This course equips participants to build viable solutions by drawing together multiple facets of the world of energy.

When: 1-5 pm, 17, 18 and 19 April

Where: VUB Main Campus, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels

Lecturer: Dr Urban Rusnak

Price: 650 Euros

Further information and registration: bda@vub.be

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