A woman standing at a lectern giving a presentation, with people sitting to the left of her, behind tables, listening. Behind her is a slide of her presentation saying 'Towards Accelerated Land Release Through Animal Detection Systems'

Demining – it’s not all rats and drones

If you think that the environmental impact of landmines, unexploded ordinance and improvised explosive devices only comes from the weapons themselves, think again. In fact, think again about mine action in general, so much has changed, so much has stayed the same, and now some actors are finally looking at the overall picture of mines, mine action, the environment and sustainability.

At a conference in Brussels on the 4th of July the BDA brought together representatives from mine affected countries, donors, and NGOs involved in mine action to share experiences, discuss challenges and start the much needed conversation with the public about the need for sustainable approaches to mine detection and removal.

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