China’s White Paper offers hope for multilateralism

BDA Chair in Asia-Pacific Studies, Prof. Dr. Kim Van der Borght has discussed the contents of China’s White Paper on China-US Trade friction in a piece in Bangladesh’s leading English-language newspaper, the Daily Star.

In this piece, which is part of the Chair’s engagement in constructive public dialogue, he provides a view on how to understand the conflicting approaches of China and the US which are both seemingly based in established facts. Although he sounds a note of caution, “[T]he White Paper makes an argument that will blow away in the Autumn wind … This Autumn wind is gathering force as a storm that we will have to ride out for at least two years”, Van der Borght nonetheless expresses optimism about China’s commitment to the multilateral order in the White Paper.

According to Van der Borght, at a time when the founding country of the multilateral trade order has embarked on a protectionist strategy, which is not legal in WTO terms, China’s commitment to multilateralism is of importance and value in itself, as well as a timely invitation to other countries to join the defence of multilateralism and the rule of law.

The full piece can be found here.