• ir. Yvan De Mesmaeker
  • Secretary General of the European Corporate Security Association – ECSA

Fields of specialization:

  • Corporate Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Terrorism & Organised Crime
  • Executive Protection, Competitive Intelligence
  • Emergency Response
  • Government Liaison

Short bio:

Yvan De Mesmaeker is a Civil Engineer with over 20 years of professional experience in Corporate Security and Emergency Response.

The European Corporate Security Association – ECSA, a non for profit Professional Association of Managers and Officials in charge of the Security & Resilience of Corporations and International Institutions.

In addition ir. Yvan De Mesmaeker is:

  • Managing Director & Senior Security Advisor at Omega Risk,an independent business consultancy practice that assists Corporations, Organisations and Institutions in the fields of Security, Emergency Response & related Strategic Issues
  • Vice Chairman of the Board of the Security Office of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), the Foundation that officially represents and coordinates the Antwerp diamond sector and operates in close cooperation with the competent Police and Security Authorities and with the Heads of Security of the diamond industry. -> www.awdc.be
  • Director of the High Studies Police, Justice & Corporate Security, organized by ECSA, the College for Senior Police Officers, the Judicial Training Institute, the Universities of Gent and Li├Ęge and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium. -> www.highstudies.be
  • Secretary General & Executive Committee Member of ATHENA, the Alumni Association of the Graduates from the High Studies Security & Defence, organized by the Royal High Institute for Defence (RHID) and the Royal Institute for International Relations (Egmont) -> www.cercle-athena.be
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