Dr. Tom Vermeiren

Short Bio

Tom Vermeiren, PhD., has been in direct contact with senior management of many firms to assist them with their international investment appraisals, business plans and transactions.  He has developed a strong expertise in corporate location strategy and site selection. He has been working across Europa, North Amercia, Caribean,  Africa, Middle East and SE Asia.

Because of his practical and extensive understanding of the FDI decision-making process, Dr. Vermeiren has been advising public authorities such as ports and development agents on strategic directions for land side development balancing revenue enhancement with job creation and climate change.

Putting sustainability on the strategic agenda of corporates and governments, Dr. Vermeiren looks at how firms incorporate sustainability in their value based management focusing on cooperation and innovation.  Building on his expertise, he is capable of providing hands-on advise to public organizations on their potential value-adding role in the transition. Further, he coaches entrepreneurs when developing a robust strategy and business plan for venturing in the new economy.

Tom brings his hands-on expertise to the BDA classroom providing practical insights on International investment appraisal and location decisions, Project finance, Internaltional alliances and M&A.

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