PhD, Master

Fields of specialisation:

  • Financial diplomacy
  • Crisis communication
  • Conflict management

Short bio:

During the last 18 years, Sandra Schott has worked in many projects mainly in Canada, Russia, Israel and in the Gulf Region.

After having worked at the International Associations for Oil and Gas Producers, she has worked as an expert for the European Parliament.

She has developed many programs and implemented them in cooperation with different Universities and Education Organisations around the world.

She is teaching crisis management as well as conflict management, soft diplomacy and nation branding at different Universities.

More recently, she has developed research programs focusing on the role of the diplomatic skills in finance and endorsed the function of President of different funds hosted by the Fondation Roi Baudoin.

She has built a network of contacts among European and International policy professionals and Institutions.

Her PHD research focused on the new cultural ways of thinking and conducting negotiations.

Always interested in interdisciplinary studies, she completed a degree in Physics, as well as a Master of Art in Political Science and a Master in Microfinance.

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