• Coordinator of the International Relations Research Pillar for the Brussels Diplomatic Academy

Fields of specialization:

  • International Relations
  • Sociology

Short bio:

Dr Sam Van Damme obtained his PhD in Intercultural Communication from University College Dublin. He has been lecturing for over 6 years for University Colorado Denver (Beijing Campus, China) on various topics within Social Sciences for BA, MA, and PhD students (Research Design, Theories and Methods of Political Science, US Foreign Policy, US Politics and Society, Theories of International Relations, Sociology of Chinese Culture, Human Communication and Public Speaking). He also held lecturing positions at China Agricultural University (Beijing) and the University of International Business and Economics (Beijing). His research interests comprise Public Diplomacy and Media, International Mobility, EU-China Relations, Orientalism and Othering, Crises Responses and Community Safety. He generally likes to approach a variety of problems in social science combining perspectives from political science and sociology; topics include political culture and transparency, misperception and conflict, identity politics, cultural capital and generation gaps. Sam speaks 6 languages and has witnessed a fast-changing China in the past 10 years.

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