• Associate Prof. Dr. Qing-Yun Jiang
  • Partner, Co-Effort LLP, Shanghai

Fields of specialization:

  • International Economic Law
  • International Investment Law
  • Private International Law
  • WTO Law and China

Short bio:

Qingyun Jiang
Associate Professor in Law

Qingyun Jiang, was granted Ph.D. degree in Law from University of Hamburg, Germany, in May 2005.During 2006 – 2010 Dr. Jiang worked at School of Law of Tongji University (Shanghai) as associate Professor and mainly engaged in research and teaching of International Economic Law, Private International Law. From 2010 till June 2012 Dr. Jiang worked as Commercial Director & Legal Director for I.M.Skaugen China. Since July 2012 Dr. Jiang joined School of WTO Research & Education of SHIFT for research and teaching of International Economic Law. His research direction includes International Economic Law, Private International Law, and Economic Analysis of Law. He has published more than 10 research articles in various Chinese legal journals and some books including translated works. Dr. Jiang has profound working experience in the field of international trade, shipbuilding industry during his work in Europe & Chinese State Conglomerates, including practicing law relating to international trade, overseas project negotiation, financing, enforcement of contract and international arbitration etc. He is also a lawyer at Co-Effort LLP in Shanghai.

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