• Dr. Wang Qian
  • Associate professor, School of WTO Research and Education, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE)
  • Researcher of Shanghai Center for Global Trade and Economic Governance  (SC- GTEG)

Fields of specialization:

  • International Trade and international finance
  • Chinese Economy
  • Economics of WTO

Short bio:

Wang Qian

Associate Professor in Economics

Wang Qian received her MS degree in Economics from Liaoning University in 2007 and the PhD degree in Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2010.

She started her university career in 2010 in Shanghai University of International Business and 

Economics. International Trade and International Finance became her major research interests as a doctoral researcher in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. From 2010 onwards, she became fulltime teacher, with teaching duties in Economics of WTO. In 2012, she was promoted to be an associate professor.

Since she started her university career in 2010, she joined the WTO Chair Programme (WCP) of School of WTO Research and Education, in charge of the CGE/GTAP Model and its Application in China, as well as the research activities in China WTO Trade Policy Review (TRP) and Follow-up of Doha Round. In 2013, she became the researcher of the Shanghai Center for Global Trade and Economic Governance (SC- GTEG), mainly focused on the research of Chinese Economy.

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