• Partner De Wolf Axten Shanghai Office;
  • Lawyer Brussels Bar;
  • China Foreign Registered Lawyer

Fields of specialization:

  • China Business Law;
  • Transnational Corporate Transactions (M&A);
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer;
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Short bio:

Philippe Snel has been active as a business lawyer in China for more than 10 years and started his China practice in 2001. Since 2004 he is permanently established in Shanghai.

As one of the few senior foreign lawyers in Shanghai he has assisted numerous foreign investors to establish and develop their businesses in China.

Philippe mainly advises in the fields of corporate law, compliance and technology transfer.

He is a regular speaker on all issues related to Sino-European business relations and his opinion in this regard is regularly solicited.

Philippe was Chairman of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (BenCham) for 4 years and currently still serves as executive director.

Philippe regularly acts as counsel to Belgian and Luxembourg authorities in China (Belgian Consulate in Shanghai, Flanders Investment & Trade, Brussels Export, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Luxembourg, etc…) and as special advisor to various official institutions in Shanghai and Shenzhen. He is a registered foreign lawyer with the Shanghai Bureau of Justice.

He is a Foreign Teacher at Shanghai Normal University (School of Finance and Business) where he teaches intellectual property law and technology transfer. Philippe is fluent in Dutch, French and English and conversational in Mandarin and German.

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