• Prof. Dr. Patrick Uyttendaele MBA, Ph. D, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Professor of Multinational Corporate Investment and Project Management, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Lecturer, Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies

Fields of specialization:

  • Multinational Corporate Investment
  • Project Management

Short bio:

Dr. Patrick Uyttendaele MBA, Ph.D at Free University Brussels-Belgium.

As a professor, Patrick Uyttendaele is teaching Multinational Corporate Investment and Project Management at the Free University of Brussels and is also lecturer at Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies. He is also teaching Research Methodology at ITTMA-UA.

Patrick has been with PLI, PwC, PwCC and IBM Business Consulting for 32 years and built up a substantial and global network of contacts in the port, maritime and logistics industry. Patrick developed major expertise, scientific and technical skills and information in the ports and maritime industry related to strategy, market, restructuring, privatization, project management and corporate finance. 

Patrick joined, on January 2007, as a Director, Maritime & Transport Business Solutions and as such offers his services worldwide as an expert in the field of financial feasibility studies and project advise with regard to investments in infrastructure and supra-structures, including financing structures, transactions, logistics aspects and macro-economic analysis.

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