Fields of specialisation

  • Aerospace, Defence & Security


Dr. Octávia Portugal Frota has several advanced academic degrees by the University of Coimbra/PT (Chemistry & MSc MechEng), UK Defence Academy (PhD/Cook-Off of Ammunition Systems) and Belgium Ministry of Defence (HESD/HSSD). Early professional experience includes research projects for Portuguese/British Ministries of Defence, and the European Space Agency (Expert on Solid/Hybrid/Green Propulsion and Re-Entry Vehicles). She was appointed Deputy Director for R&T with the EDA (November 2004), and assigned responsibilities for UAVs (Procurement), SATCOMs, Maritime Surveillance, Information Systems, Search & Rescue, Guidance & Control Systems, Energy & Materials, Force Protection, Long Term Vision (S&T), and Capabilities Development Plan (Technology). She developed the guidelines, strategies and operational concepts enabling the establishment of EDA/ESA Institutional Relations, Space Task Force (Space and ESDP, GMES, Galileo), and Best Practices on International Organisations. In 2007 was appointed Special Counsellor on Space and ESDP matters to the EDA’s Chief Executive. She is a Senior Advisor to various Governments, Private Sector and Institutions (EU, NATO, and ESA) within Aerospace, Security and Defence fields.

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