The BDA has at its core a belief that diplomacy and business are essential elements in the growth of any economy, and bringing them together in dialogue and education is fundamental. Too often diplomacy and business have worked in separate spheres of influence and action, and when attempting to come together the lack of understanding on both sides has led to inefficiency and, on occasion, suspicion.

But this needn’t be the case. Diplomats and business people use similar skills and knowledge because they deal with the same topics, just from different angles.

At all levels of our services there is an understanding that as each domain develops, it can only fully achieve its goals by understanding the other. Everything we offer reflects this approach.

We are 100% VUB, and the critical thinking, constant striving for excellence, and the open-mindedness of our University are integral to the services we provide.

Right in the heart of Europe, the capital of Belgium and Flanders, we are ready to share our expertise and create opportunities for all those involved in diplomacy and international business to meet and grow.