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Whether you are starting out on your career in economic diplomacy or international business, seeking to enhance your existing knowledge and skills, or looking for events where you can connect with potential partners, the Brussels Diplomatic Academy has what you need.

Our alumni have described our programmes as follows: ‘…sophisticated programme’ … ‘outstanding teaching’ ‘…a unique value proposition in comparison to other universities’ … ‘high calibre, experienced lecturers combined with the small group teaching method’… ‘a valuable choice for a solid future in Diplomacy and International Trade’…’I can only highly recommend this programme’.

Launched in 2013, the BDA provides a range of services to diplomats and business people and those aspiring to become them. With our education and training programmes, our ambassadorial and business events, our lectures, Master Classes, conferences, and so much more, the BDA equips entrepreneurs and their counterparts in the civil service with the necessary skills, knowledge and connections to excel in their fields.

We are proud to be an integral part of the VUB that is nonetheless connected to the real worlds of economic diplomacy and international business. We know we have the expertise and opportunities to help expand your diplomatic and international business horizons. You just need to let us!



New BDA students start classes and alumni group launched

Full-time and part-time students started at the BDA on the 2nd of September, embarking on programmes in economic diplomacy and international business. Upon completion of their courses, BDA graduates will be well prepared for entry into the labour market, or for improved career progression. With courses ranging from Techniques in Foreign Trade, to International Lobbying, …

Apply for a BDA Postgraduate Programme!

Do you have an interest in economic diplomacy or international business, or even both? The Brussels Diplomatic Academy postgraduate programmes provide education and training in all of them. Our specialised curricula have been developed by those who have worked in these fields and who understand the importance of a good academic and practical educational background. …

BDA Conference warned about the ‘weaponisation of things’

Michèle Coninsx, Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Security Council, Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), told the Economic Diplomacy Conference of the Brussels Diplomatic Academy (BDA) that combating the ever-evolving terror threat requires a new approach and a whole society response. Coninsx, a VUB alumna, emphasized that the ‘weaponisation of things’ will …

BDA Graduation Ceremony 2018

BDA students graduated from programmes in Economic Diplomacy and International Trade and Investment at the Paleis Der Academien on the 29th of November 2018 (photo credits Ana Lotus)            

Importance of Economic Diplomacy recognised in appointment of new VUB Fellow Claire Tillekaerts

Claire Tillekaerts, CEO of Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT), today became a VUB Fellow at a ceremony at the Concert Noble in Brussels. Tillekaerts was nominated by the Brussels Diplomatic Academy of the VUB (BDA), in honour of her contribution to Economic Diplomacy. Under her leadership and internationalisation strategy, FIT has become a highly respected …

China’s White Paper offers hope for multilateralism

BDA Chair in Asia-Pacific Studies, Prof. Dr. Kim Van der Borght has discussed the contents of China’s White Paper on China-US Trade friction in a piece in Bangladesh’s leading English-language newspaper, the Daily Star. In this piece, which is part of the Chair’s engagement in constructive public dialogue, he provides a view on how to …

Chair Asia-Pacific Studies Established at the Brussels Diplomatic Academy

The Brussels Diplomatic Academy (BDA) has established a Chair Asia-Pacific Studies, sponsored by the Aviation-Education Foundation. The Chair, established in March 2018, was created to enhance the understanding of developments in the Asia-Pacific region and to promote collaboration between Europe and countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The Chair holder is Prof. Dr. Kim Van der …