17 Dec: Cybersecurity and Russian Interference webinars


2020 has demonstrated the need for secure online services, whether financial or democratic. Whilst cybercrime targets FinTech across the world, traditional forms of repression are used against voters and protesters in Belarus, just as digital platforms are used to promote regime change.

The first of these webinars, Cybersecurity: A Secure way to FinTech, will start at 11am CET and will address the risks posed by cyber threats, how to discern cyber threats and possible actors behind cybercrime as well as understanding how and where cyber-attacks affect a business. Further event details and registration link are available here.

In the second of these webinars, The Playbook of Russian Interference, at 2 pm CET, a panel of experts will consider the latest developments in Belarus including internal and external dynamics. They will provide an explanation of the Russian intervention playbook both from a geo-strategic angle as well as an empirical comparison on the ground between Ukraine and Belarus. The European perspective will be examined to frame the crisis in its entirety and grasp its possible consequences. Further event details and registration link are available here.